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For those who understand that true beauty often originates in the details, Aspex proudly presents Takumi®. Designed for the fashion-forward individuals out there who constantly strive to stand apart from the “trendy” or the “chic –of –the week”, Takumi® is a streamlined fusion of art, luxury and sophistication. Inspired by the graceful lines found in Japanese design and the enterprising spirit of the West, Takumi® is the ultimate expression of ergonomics and elegance.

Takumi®, meaning “master craftsman”; the collection lives up to the definition with unsurpassed quality and beauty. Radiating luxury and quality while maintaining a simple elegance, the Takumi® collection, available solely from Aspex, shows that the wearer knows the difference between “stylish” and “flash”.

The classic lines and clean design of each frame from the Takumi® line ensure that while fashion may change, Takumi® eyewear will never go out of style. In addition, Aspex knows the importance of looking your best regardless of changing circumstances. That’s why every Takumi® frame includes a magnetic polarized sun clip. Beauty plus utility equals Takumi®.

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